Lacuna Wines

As passionate wine drinkers and industry professionals, the greatest fear of making our own wine was not enjoying it ourselves. Morgan Twain-Peterson has absolutely eliminated that worry. As our partner and winemaker, he has been critical in bringing Lacuna from the imagined to reality. His talent stems from a family deeply rooted in modern California wine history. Tending to his first fermentations at the age of five, Morgan now makes the process seem effortless as he masterfully juggles the endless factors involved in producing world-class wine. Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers could have easily dedicated a chapter to our winemaker.

Our heads spin when we ponder the tender age at which he achieved the requisite 10,000 hours of winemaking experience!

Humor aside, Morgan is humble and cares deeply for the vineyards and growers responsible for our prized fruit. We are eternally grateful for his partnership and, more importantly, his friendship.